Californians in Placer County and throughout the state often feel that taxes just go up, but no matter how much we pay, services still fail to meet our expectations.  How can we provide good jobs and fund important services like public safety without further burdening taxpayers?  Could there be ways for everyone to win?

Yes!  Here are just a few positive solutions that could help us create more prosperous, safer and healthier communities in an ethical and responsible way:

  • Create a nonpartisan commission of objective individuals to perform a thorough investigation of California’s government to locate instances of waste, fraud and abuse in every sector of the bureaucracy and then recommend new procedures to free up previously-wasted monies.
  • Institute a California Waste Hotline for receival and investigation of anonymous tips reporting instances of government waste, fraud and abuse.
  • Utilize on-shore extended reach drilling to safely develop offshore energy resources, creating jobs and new revenue in an environmentally responsible way that will reduce natural oil seeps currently putting marine life in jeopardy.
  • Develop California’s Monterey shale oil sands with already-proven hydraulic fracturing technology subject to strict safety requirements.  California has been fortunate to be blessed with 60% of America’s shale, offering tremendous opportunities to uplift all citizens.
  • Reform the California Environmental Quality Act to make the law work as intended rather than serving as an invitation to lawsuit abuse and an obstacle to job creation.
  • Increase access to affordable power by reevaluating failed energy policies that make gas expensive, cause brownouts and drive good jobs away in energy intensive fields such as manufacturing.
  • Redouble efforts to educate youth about the dangers of drug abuse.  With 90% of criminals in jail suffering from a substance abuse issue, youth anti-drug education offers citizens and policymakers an avenue to save lives and save money by giving kids the tools to say refuse destructive decisions.
  • Explore innovative solutions to make schools better, ensure kids have the tools they need for success and ensure parents have the option to remove their child from a school that fails to meet their child’s needs.

What do you think we should do to make California work again?  Why not join the Placer County Taxpayers Association and be a part of the solution?